Microhospitals Coming Into Their Own

More comprehensive than freestanding emergency rooms but smaller than traditional hospitals, microhospitals are gaining attention in the healthcare real estate sector.

At a medical real estate forum in Colorado, Ryan Rothacker, Vice President of Healthcare Operations for...

Llama Fillets, Alpaca Socks: When Odd Investment Opportunities Knock

Improbable ideas can take off, making investors the newest residents of Easy Street. (Who knew sunglasses for dogs — Doggles — would grow into a $3 million-a-year enterprise for a woman whose border collie was sensitive to light?)

Hiring an Estate-Planning Attorney: The Interview

Curiosity may kill the cat, but unasked questions are murder on an estate plan.

Strong Market for Medical Office Investment

An evolving healthcare landscape is fueling an expanded patient base and strengthening the outlook for investment in medical office buildings, according to real estate crowdfunding firm CrowdStreet.

Aging baby boomers and the ACA have contributed to larger numbers of patients, who are...

Healthcare Reform Rewrites Charitable Care Groups’ Roles

As the healthcare landscape changes, medical charities are adapting their approaches to meet clients’ needs more effectively.

Medical Cost Containment, Pharmaceutical Innovation Take Center Stage

Medical costs, the decline of employee healthcare cost-sharing in favor of performance-based networks, and changes in pharmaceutical benefits are among the key healthcare trends analysts are watching in 2017.

Barriers to Value-based Care

The shift from a volume-based to a value-based reimbursement model can yield significant revenue, as evidenced by the $466 million in savings among Medicare ACOs in 2015. But Healthcare Finance reports that only one-third of the roughly 400 health systems in the Medicare Shared Savings Program...

Benefits of Late-career Locum Tenens Work

Your skills are still sharp, and you find the work fulfilling. You’re not ready to retire, but you would enjoy more free time. Reducing your hours may not be an option in your current job. Or, perhaps, you just hear the call of the open road.

Read Your Way to a Better Financial State

You could spend eye-glazing hours perusing a bookstore’s personal finance section and agonizing weeks reading the 74,000 blurbs that an Amazon search yields on the subject, but finding engaging books with valuable guidance might still involve plenty of guesswork.

Missed Connection: Why Patients Rarely Use Hospital Apps

Just 66 percent of the nation’s largest hospitals have mobile apps for patients to use, and of those that furnish apps, only 2 percent of their patient populations utilize them, according to recent research by consulting firm Accenture. That’s a costly gap that experts say hospitals can close.