From Maids to Tycoons: Direct Primary Care Expands Its Patient Base

Frustrated with insurance-based care, increasing numbers of physicians are turning to direct primary care to provide patients across the socioeconomic spectrum simpler, more personalized treatment.

To Attract a Physician, There’s No Place Like Home

To no one’s surprise, a scan of physician recruitment websites reveals that determining a potential hire’s likelihood to be a good fit is a common concern. However, that question encompasses not only whether the candidate has the necessary capabilities and shares the hiring organization’s values, but also whether he or she will blend comfortably into the surrounding community and stay long term.

Bypassing the Fraud Freeway

As if providing excellent care, navigating government regulations and juggling staff schedules were not enough, physician practices also face the serious threat of internal fraud.

Coming to Grips with the Basics of Business

Nearly two in five medical residents report having little grasp of the basic tenets of business, according to a study by Merritt Hawkins, a Dallas-based physician search and consulting firm. Over half of those surveyed say they received no business training in medical school.

Motivating Factors: Potential Drivers of Future EHR Adoption

The EHR adoption rate among physicians in the United States is high — greater than 80 percent, according to federal government data — but with federal meaningful use (MU) incentives drying up, what will it take to get the holdouts on board?

Sculpting a Sound Financial Future

According to legend, Michelangelo declared that he sculpted the statue of David by removing everything that was not David.

Homing In on Healthier Hospital Food — on a Budget

Research linking a poor diet to a variety of health conditions is overwhelming, spurring some hospitals to revamp their menus and eliminate fast food. As it turns out, those changes don’t have to break the bank.

Time-stealing Recruitment Scams

Job recruitment scams are common, and even if savvy physicians and other healthcare workers pull back the moment a phony recruiter requests bank account information, they can’t recoup time lost pursuing non-existent positions.

Maximizing Social Security Benefits

A bit of planning can help physicians accrue significantly greater Social Security benefits in retirement. Joel Greenwald, MD, CFP, a physician who became a financial planner, says hundreds of thousands of dollars are potentially at stake.

Technological Acumen Increasingly Vital to Physician Success

Reinvention is the name of the game in medicine today, as expanded regulations force physicians to remain nimble in the face of constant change.