Co-locating Makes Business and Service Sense: Shared Facilities Increase Efficiency and Effectiveness

By: Jason DeRoche, DC, and Marc Melkie, DC, Airrosti providers
Thursday, October 2, 2014

In today’s fast-moving, multitasking society, convenience and accessibility are important factors for consumers making medical decisions. The idea of medical practitioners co-locating their services to make patients’ visits more efficient and effective isn’t new, but the trend is growing as more and more providers and patients realize the benefits of shared facilities.

In a 2008 report published by The Commonwealth Fund, Susanna Ginsburg, MSW, President of SG Associates Consulting, reported, “Pediatric practices are facing increased demands to address more fully the myriad requirements of children and their families. In order to meet such varied and complex needs, a number of leaders in health care have advanced the ‘medical home’ model of primary care to optimize the coordination of patient services, among other functions.”

While Ginsburg’s report focuses on pediatric services, the medical home model is equally valid for family practices.

Among the most common reasons for the one billion physician office visits in the past year are headaches, back pain and muscle soreness. For this reason, a growing number of U.S. family practices are partnering with musculoskeletal rehabilitation provider Airrosti Rehab Centers. 

Airrosti providers and certified recovery specialists spend significant one-on-one time with every patient. Airrosti educates patients and provides guidance they can use to speed recovery. Patients experience a well-conceived treatment approach that, in many cases, prevents unnecessary tests, pharmaceuticals and even surgeries.

Family physicians believe co-locating with Airrosti has not only enabled them to provide patients with effective and cost-efficient musculoskeletal care but has also garnered them new family practice patients through their Airrosti relationship. From a financial perspective, shared facilities also means shared costs, reducing family practice overhead expenses.

“With Airrosti, I have been most impressed with the appreciable results in a short time frame … three to four visits over the course of one to two weeks,” says our partner at North Hills Family Medicine, Renato Geralde, DO. “The Airrosti time frame allows for a shorter treatment plan and better recovery. The testimonies have been remarkable from many of my patients who have seen Airrosti for their services. The results speak for themselves with the numbers of continued referrals to co-workers, friends, family, and training partners. This, in turn, has created opportunities to establish new patients in my own practice. What physician would not appreciate motivated patients who have experienced great results from Airrosti?”

With more than 140 locations across Texas, Oklahoma, Virginia, Ohio, Illinois and Washington, Airrosti providers treat thousands of patients each year. The average number of Airrosti office visits to injury resolution is 3.1, and 99 percent of patients say they would recommend Airrosti to their friends and family. 

Jason De Roche and Marc Melkie

Jason DeRoche, DC, and Marc Melkie, DC, are Airrosti providers whose office at North Hills Family Medicine with Renato Geralde, DO, is located at 150 East Sonterra Boulevard, Suite 220, San Antonio, Texas 78258. For more information or to schedule an appointment with Airrosti, call 1-800-404-6050 or visit Airrosti specifically disclaims any guarantees or warranties, express or implied, with respect to any products or services.