Keeping the Physician in the Physician Recruitment Process

By Steve Barrett
Sunday, September 1, 2019

If your goal is to bring a new provider on board, why not prioritize a physician-satisfying recruitment approach?

Chicago-based recruiting services firm PeopleScout goes so far as to say that such an approach is the very heart of the recruitment process — especially given that about 80% of job hopefuls consider the candidate experience indicative of a company’s treatment of staff.

“Healthcare organizations need to roll out the red carpet for candidates and provide them with an extraordinary candidate experience,” PeopleScout states on its website.

What does that look like?

  • Open communication: In conversations with candidates, don’t shy away from any concerns they may have, nor from candid questions about what they want and need.
  • Relevant interviews: Explicitly link your organization’s objectives to the interviewee’s clinical background. (Tip: Ask what motivated the candidate to seek the position, then emphasize ways the job dovetails with those aspirations.)
  • Vigorous outreach: Leverage video conference and virtual tour capabilities early on to enable candidates to assess the organization accurately.
  • Timely responses: Marshal whatever technologies and processes you need to ensure prompt, effective responses to candidate inquiries. This can speed hiring and avoid confusion.