Letting Physicians Be ... Physicians

By Steve Barrett
Monday, July 1, 2019

Somewhere, in theory, a physician went into the profession for the sheer joy of filling out EHRs.

But healthcare organizations seeking to boost recruitment might want to zero in on the higher number of physicians who would rather care for patients than handle bureaucratic chores.

While acknowledging the importance of compensation and benefits in attracting physicians, Stamford, Connecticut-based recruitment firm Katon Direct identifies burnout and other risks of workplaces where physicians spend inordinate amounts of time on documentation. The company suggests that vigorous support for providers in managing those tasks is important as a recruiting tool.

“A recent study showed that clinicians spent double the time on EHR documentation and administrative work as on direct, face-to-face time with patients,” Katon Direct notes in a white paper on its website. “This reality is contributing to physician burnout and dissatisfaction. It also negatively impacts recruitment, engagement and retention.”

Providers are interested in organizations that address those concerns through measures such as hiring clinical scribes, according to the company. Clinical scribes take a good deal of the burden of medical documentation off physicians. Working dedicated administrative time into physicians’ schedules can be beneficial as well.

Healthcare organizations that have taken these kinds of steps should be sure to convey that to job candidates, Katon Direct advises.