Patient- and Staff-Focused Office Design

By Steve Barrett
Sunday, September 1, 2019

Medical office staff want good pay and benefits, and patients want excellent care, right?

Right. But woefully incomplete.

Staff and patients also want a pleasant facility in which to work or receive care, notes a blog post by Texas-based commercial interiors dealer McCoy-Rockford. A key component of creating that environment is bringing a bit of the outdoors inside by adding plants.

Among the benefits of office plants, according to McCoy-Rockford, are:

  • A more relaxed atmosphere
  • Noise reduction
  • Better air quality

It is also worthwhile to update office decor periodically.

“Making sure that your office furniture is comfortable, stylish and functional is another important way to improve morale,” the blog states. “Maintaining a clean, stylish healthcare space conveys to employees and patients that your practice is modern and up to date.”

A blog on job and recruitment site echoes that sentiment: “It’s difficult to trust the professionalism of a company that operates in an office that looks like it was designed in the 1970s. Following current design trends shows visitors, partners and employees that your business keeps in touch with the latest concepts.”

Offices can boost the benefit of renovations with staff buy-in, according to McCoy-Rockford: “Allow your employees to weigh in on design decisions in your office and personalize their work stations. This makes your medical staff feel valued, and it ensures that their office space is as comfortable as possible.”