Spouses and International Locum Tenens Work

By Steve Barrett
Sunday, July 1, 2018

You took the leap: You signed on to a locum tenens position overseas.

If you are married, one trusts your spouse blessed this decision. However, suppose he or she has indicated a desire to work as well when the family arrives in Bolivia, Taiwan, Hungary or wherever the journey takes you.

Is that a ready option?

It depends on many factors, such as where you’re going, according to Andee Nelson, an international placement specialist with Utah-based Global Medical Staffing.

To cite just two examples, New Zealand and Australia permit spouses to work via the physician’s visa under certain conditions. One of those is that the provider must work in the country longer than six months. This makes it important to alert your recruiter early on to ensure you get an assignment that exceeds six months if your spouse wants to work, too, Nelson points out.

Your spouse must also obtain any licenses or certifications required for his or her line of work. In some cases, foreign nations accept U.S. certifications.

While you need to have a position and an in-country sponsor lined up prior to seeking medical certification and a visa, your spouse working under your visa will not need a job offer or an additional sponsor.