Tailor-Made Recruitment Incentives

By Steve Barrett
Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Physicians know that one size doesn’t fit all in patient care. Healthcare organizations should realize that one recruitment incentive package doesn’t fit all physicians, according to Ascendo Resources.

Some providers prefer a flat salary over pay based on productivity, the placement firms notes on its website. Others — burdened by student debt — may be drawn to loan forgiveness rather than a signing bonus.

“Physicians will be more likely to accept a position with your organization if they believe you are tailoring your offer to their needs,” the company states.

Of course, that is based on the assumption that an organization should offer incentives to begin with. If a facility is in an area where many physicians want to practice, it may not need incentives to generate a good pool of applicants, whereas rural facilities might have to provide a substantial mix of contract sweeteners.

Attracting candidates also means knowing what the competition is up to, according to the company: “If a competitor is offering a generous incentives package, it may be necessary for your organization to offer something similar or risk losing potential candidates to the practice down the street.”

Getting recruitment right is becoming increasingly crucial: By 2032, the U.S. is projected to have a physician shortage of between 46,900 and 121,900, according to the Association of American Medical Colleges.