Product Spotlight

New Device Treats Ear Infections Without General Anesthesia

Tusker Medical’s Tubes Under Local Anesthesia (Tula) System recently gained approval from the FDA to be used as an alternative treatment for recurrent ear infections.

After a study of more than 200 pediatric patients yielded...

Advances in Imaging, Cardiology and Audiology

These devices are designed to improve sonography, enhance pacemaker function and personalize tinnitus treatment.

The Voice Center at Cleveland Clinic Head & Neck Institute

Successfully performing the world’s first total laryngeal transplant put Cleveland Clinic otolaryngologists in the spotlight in 1998. Today, Cleveland Clinic’s Head & Neck Institute otolaryngologists maintain their focus on the larynx with a state-of-the-art Voice Center.

That’s News

Autism Risk, Cord Blood for IBD and More 

SLUCare Dizziness Clinic Offers Advanced Diagnostic 
and Treatment Capabilities

An expansive array of disorders can create symptoms of dizziness, and the Dizziness Clinic at SLUCare–The Physicians of Saint Louis University offers a unique combination of diagnostic capabilities, leading-edge technologies and advanced treatments to address those troubling symptoms.

Innovative Surgery Gives Breath to Toddler With Tracheal Agenesis

Delivering a boon to the field of bioengineering and signal of hope to parents of children with congenital defects, surgeons at the Children’s Hospital of Illinois have performed the first pediatric transplantation of a stem cell-based, bioengineered trachea.