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Building Design Plays Key Role in Patient Well-Being at Behavioral Health Facilities

Additional investment and efforts placed into designing mental health units may pay off in the long run.

Medical Real Estate in the Era of COVID-19

As the economy churns, medical real estate maintains its value.

Medical Real Estate

Research Into Healthcare Green Space Blossoms

Research into the use and potential benefits of green space at healthcare facilities is accelerating, according to writer Melissa Piatkowski. In an article for Health Facilities Management, she highlights several recent studies. Among the findings...

The Power of Energy Resilience

Planning ahead for power outages can enhance patient safety and operational efficiency while reducing energy costs.

Reimagining Emergency Departments Through Design

Maximizing the flow, function and aesthetic of emergency departments could be an effective way to improve the quality of emergent patient care.

Investor Interest in Medical Office Buildings Persists

While sales volume from medical office building investments in 2019 appears to be down from previous years, recent data shows that these properties are still highly sought after in today’s real estate market.

Medical Real Estate

Consumer Desires for Convenience, Virtual Care Influence Facility Construction

Many hospitals and healthcare systems are basing decisions about facility construction on rising consumer expectations, according to Randy Keiser, Vice President and National Healthcare Director at Turner...

Medical Real Estate

Small Practices Battling High Building Costs, Experts Say

Healthcare providers are facing markedly increased construction costs — a reality that may be especially tough on smaller medical practices, says Kris Miller, President of Atlanta-based commercial real estate firm Ackerman & Co., in...

Medical Real Estate

The Physician Shortage and Medical Real Estate

The looming physician shortage poses challenges to the medical real estate market and calls for a nimble response from providers and the real estate industry alike.

That was a key takeaway from Bisnow’s National Healthcare West...

Medical Real Estate

Demographics Spur Boom in Medical Real Estate

Well over 30% of Americans are now past age 50 — a factor that observers believe is driving a surge in healthcare employment. In fact, in 2018, health care became the single largest U.S. employment sector, according to the U.S. Bureau of...