New Book Details Surgeon’s Journey to Successful Body-contouring Approach

This month, publishes Comprehensive Body Contouring: Theory and Practice. The 230-page, 190-image compendium highlights the 16-year clinical experience of innovative University of Pittsburgh plastic surgeon Dennis Hurwitz, MD, in treating dysmorphia after massive weight loss, pregnancy and aging.

Optimizing Bariatric Care through Integrated Medical and Surgical Solutions

Rather than take a one-size-fits-all approach to obesity and metabolic conditions, healthcare professionals at Allegheny Health Network’s (AHN’s) Bariatric and Metabolic Institute leverage multidisciplinary expertise to tailor care plans to each patient.

Mommy Makeover: Is It Safe?

During the past 10 years, an extraordinary social phenomenon has been increasing in plastic surgeons’ offices across the country. Middle-aged mothers are having their sagging breasts enhanced, their loose abdomens tightened and their excess waist fat liposuctioned away.

3 Ways 2 Heal: Easton Hospital’s Comprehensive Approach to Spine Care

Easton Hospital’s Comprehensive Spine Management Program combines physical therapy, pain management and surgical expertise to customize care and optimize results for patients with cervical and lumbar pain.

St. Luke’s University Health Network—A Team Approach to Cardiac and Vascular Care

An emphasis on team-based patient care, along with innovative hybrid technology, has opened the door at St. Luke’s University Health Network to advanced cardiac and vascular procedures that cross disciplinary boundaries.

What’s on the Horizon: 
Innovative Treatments 
for Lumbar Spine Surgery

Bigger is not always better, especially when it comes to spinal surgery. With continued advances in biologics and instrumentation and a continually evolving appreciation for the potential complications and dangers associated with major reconstructive spinal surgery, less invasive approaches are gaining popularity among spine surgeons and patients alike.

The Mended Hearts Program: Hope and Healing for Cardiac Patients

Fear and anxiety are common emotions among cardiac patients. Often, the trauma of heart-related health emergencies is as difficult on loved ones as it is on the patients themselves.

St. Luke’s Center for Neuroscience: A Magnet for Excellence in Neurosurgery

By recruiting accomplished neurosurgeons, forging partnerships with respected peers in the state and securing early access to leading-edge technologies, the St. Luke’s Center for Neuroscience has become a focal point for research and patient care.

SLUCare–The Physicians of Saint Louis University: Providing Comprehensive Maternal-Fetal Care

Equipped with expertise and offering a range of maternal-fetal care for complex and uncomplicated pregnancies alike, SLUCare–The Physicians of Saint Louis University provides women across the Midwest a skilled partner to safeguard their health and the health of their babies.

SLUCare’s Division of Urology Expanding Services

Coupling new leadership with a roster of specialists equipped to address even the most complex cases, the Division of Urology at SLUCare–The Physicians of Saint Louis University has rapidly become a trusted partner for referring physicians.