Business of Medicine

MS Patients on Medicare Face Rising Costs

Complex rules are forcing Medicare patients diagnosed with MS to pay vastly more for care, new research finds.

Under the rules, patients must pay a significantly higher share of the cost for therapies to treat the condition, according to a study...

Blazing a Simple Path to Solid Finances

The intricacies of finance — especially for physicians — are manifold and not easy to master.

Physician Salaries See Substantial Gains, Survey Finds

Specialists and primary care physicians (PCPs) alike experienced average salary increases of at least one-fifth from 2015 through 2019, according to the most recent Medscape Physician Compensation Report.

Recruitment Incentives Vary Widely, Survey Finds

Given the competition for physicians as the provider shortage intensifies, it is no surprise that most hospitals and other healthcare organizations offer potential hires a range of incentives.

In Physician Contracts, Hindsight Is ... Useless

False assumptions about the terms above that dotted line you’re considering signing — and about your would-be employer — may land you in an unhappy job and even in legal peril, according to Rebecca E. Gwilt, Esq.

Free-Standing EDs No Magic Bullet for Hospital ED Crowding

New research suggests building free-standing emergency departments (EDs) is not a sure path to relieving hospital ED crowding — at least not in major metropolitan areas.

Convenience and Continuity of Care in the Evolving Retail Clinic Model

Industry observers and insiders ponder the role of retail clinics in modern health care and how that squares with physician-patient relationships.

Business of Medicine

Lighting a Path to Cost Savings

Well-designed lighting systems in hospitals may confer benefits such as improved patient sleep, research has found. They can also reduce costs.

Proper lighting saves money on energy and maintenance alike, according to Philips Healthcare Lighting, which...

Lenders Heighten Focus on Home Mortgages for Physicians

The home mortgage industry is increasingly zeroing in on physician borrowers.

Residents and New Cars

It’s not that a fancy new car isn’t, you know, fancy and new. It’s what it can do to the budget of a resident with a low salary who likely carries a lot of medical school debt.