Business of Medicine

Lighting a Path to Cost Savings

Well-designed lighting systems in hospitals may confer benefits such as improved patient sleep, research has found. They can also reduce costs.

Proper lighting saves money on energy and maintenance alike, according to Philips Healthcare Lighting, which...

Lenders Heighten Focus on Home Mortgages for Physicians

The home mortgage industry is increasingly zeroing in on physician borrowers.

Residents and New Cars

It’s not that a fancy new car isn’t, you know, fancy and new. It’s what it can do to the budget of a resident with a low salary who likely carries a lot of medical school debt.

Medical Real Estate

Demographics Spur Boom in Medical Real Estate

Well over 30% of Americans are now past age 50 — a factor that observers believe is driving a surge in healthcare employment. In fact, in 2018, health care became the single largest U.S. employment sector, according to the U.S. Bureau of...

Family Medicine and Work-Life Balance

Family physicians typically do not command the salaries of, say, orthopedists or plastic surgeons, and they are scarcely immune to burnout.

Laying the Groundwork for Effective Recruitment

Healthcare organizations may spend a year or more getting a new physician in place. That makes it imperative to build a solid foundation for recruitment, according to Alpharetta, Georgia-based Jackson Physician Search.

Keeping the Physician in the Physician Recruitment Process

If your goal is to bring a new provider on board, why not prioritize a physician-satisfying recruitment approach?

Boost Practice Efficiency, Boost Practice Revenue

Falling or plateauing income in a private practice may signal the need for an overhaul of office processes.

Business of Medicine

Negative Childhood Experiences Linked to Adult Medical Debt

The odds that a household will carry medical debt and that healthcare costs will exceed 10 percent of its income and all its savings are much greater if an adult in the household had adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), such as abuse...

A Many-Splendored Path to Financial Woe

Physicians need not pump cash into artichoke yogurt startups or Senegalese chinchilla farms to wreck their finances.