About That Skilled Nursing Facility Gig ...

Whether a physician wants to invest more for retirement or is among the 76 percent of medical school graduates who carry student debt, a side job can be attractive.

Medical Real Estate

Hospitals and Property Values: A Mixed Bag

Can a hospital enhance prices and rents for nearby homes? Maybe.

Factors such as the size of the hospital may influence those numbers, scientists at the University of California, Riverside found in a recent study.

Rents and home prices...

Physician Recruiters See Revenue Growth

Physician recruitment firms are enjoying substantially higher revenue, according to a survey by Staffing Industry Analysts and the National Association of Physician Recruiters.

A Systematic Approach to Practice Improvement

Greater efficiency and effectiveness in a medical practice come from systematic effort, according to the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP).

Gauging Social Media Strategies in Hospital Marketing

A recent study provides insight into what makes hospitals’ social media posts successful — and what turns audiences off.

Business of Medicine

Teaming Up to Launch a Medical Practice

Life doesn’t have a comprehensive guide for some things. Think: getting married and understanding teenagers.

Starting a medical practice can easily be added to that list, but experts say assembling the right team for the endeavor makes...

Factors that May Ease Retirement Worries

For some physicians, it’s simple: Their profession is so fulfilling, they have no intention of retiring so long as they are able to perform their duties well.

Evaluating Your Finances as Retirement Draws Nigh

Whether it’s a source of jubilation or dread, retirement may arrive sooner than you think. Revisiting your financial plans at certain intervals can make that eventuality more cheerful and less menacing.

Medical Real Estate

Ready-Made Hospital Rooms for Sale

Amazon has entered the prefab hospital room market.

Yes, there is such a thing.

EIR Healthcare is selling its MedModular rooms on Amazon for $285,000 apiece, according to CNBC. The New York-based company says at $814 per square foot, that’s a...

Patient Satisfaction and the Payment Experience

A smooth payment experience promotes better care for patients and stronger financial performance for healthcare organizations over the long term, according to Alan Nalle, Chief Strategy Officer at Patientco, a healthcare-oriented payment technology company based in Atlanta.