Physical Therapy/Rehabilitation

handiii COYOTE Bionic Arm

Prosthetic device technology is always changing, with some developments adding to the complexity of the technology and some offering options to upgrade one’s device at home.

C-Level Health Gadgets

No one would question your concern for your patients’ health, but are you taking care of yours? New high-tech health gadgets can help you keep tabs on your hydration, blood pressure and physical activity.

3 Ways 2 Heal: Easton Hospital’s Comprehensive Approach to Spine Care

Easton Hospital’s Comprehensive Spine Management Program combines physical therapy, pain management and surgical expertise to customize care and optimize results for patients with cervical and lumbar pain.

Comprehensive Spine Care PA: Innovative Care Anchored by a Conservative Philosophy

For nearly 20 years, board-certified orthopedic spine specialists at Comprehensive Spine Care PA have partnered with board-certified physical medicine and rehabilitation specialists to provide a comprehensive array of surgical and nonsurgical approaches to treat the gamut of spine conditions.

Relieving Chronic Headaches

Physical therapy provides a solution for some patients with recurring headaches.

Obesity Alone May Not Affect Knee Replacement Outcome or Increase Overall Complication Risk

Obese patients undergoing total knee replacement face longer hospital stays, higher related costs.

Center for Vision Loss: ‘Looking Beyond Vision’

Falling, depression, anxiety and social isolation are all conditions that may be caused by vision loss. Opening a dialogue about low vision is often overlooked yet highly advised because many seniors are embarrassed, scared or frustrated to admit they are challenged by a severe vision problem.