Regulatory & Compliance

Protecting Patient Information in a Facebook World

Social media offer great potential for engaging with patients. But with Facebook, Twitter and other social media forming an integral part of both the professional and personal lives of high numbers of young medical professionals in particular, opportunities for disclosing protected health information (PHI) have multiplied.

Medical Fitness Centers Tackle Population Health While Generating Revenue

Hospitals with well-developed medical fitness centers are discovering that those facilities can become the new front door to their health systems.

Waiting Room Wi-Fi Access: Promise and Peril

Protecting patient information is the driving force behind HIPAA. However, with Wi-Fi access in physician office waiting rooms offering the prospect of increased patient satisfaction, practice management teams may want to consider furnishing that amenity — so long as it’s properly separated from servers that store patient data.

Freestanding Emergency Departments: Filling a Niche

In 1978, an Orkand Corp. survey of freestanding emergency departments (FEDs) counted roughly 55 such facilities in the United States. Today, that number is approaching 500, with the facilities banking on the advantages of brand growth and looking to increase patient volumes for hospital systems as well as provide additional access for patients.

A Nuanced Approach to Enhancing Access for the Disabled

Attention to detail can improve disabled patients’ experience of healthcare settings.

Innovating to Thwart Healthcare-Associated Infections

Vaccine trials, whole-genome sequencing and even new hospital furnishings may help scientists reduce the 1.7 million healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) that occur in the United States annually.

Abuse-deterrent Opioids: A Fraught Approach to an Epidemic

Since 1999, the United States’ rapidly escalating epidemic of prescription drug abuse has directly correlated with a nearly 300 percent uptick in prescription painkiller sales, according to the CDC. abuse-deterrent formulations of some of these drugs are now available, but what problem are they addressing?

ICD-10: Where to Turn for Help

Is your hospital or health system behind the curve of ICD-10 implementation?

Social Media: A Physician’s Guide 
to Avoiding Pitfalls

In today’s healthcare arena, physicians must optimize their professional online presence — if you don’t, you are missing an invaluable opportunity to educate and inform your patients, connect with colleagues, build your referral network, and stay abreast of current medical information and developments.

Murky World of Insurance Companies: Physicians and the Texas Prompt Pay Act

Can you think of anything more important than your health?