Product Spotlight

New Device Treats Ear Infections Without General Anesthesia

Tusker Medical’s Tubes Under Local Anesthesia (Tula) System recently gained approval from the FDA to be used as an alternative treatment for recurrent ear infections.

After a study of more than 200 pediatric patients yielded...

Organ Donation by the Numbers

On a daily basis in the United States, roughly 79 organ transplants are performed and 18 individuals die due to a lack of available organs.


Duke Clinical Research Unit to Conduct Hepatitis C Clinical Trial

RNAi-based therapeutics company Benitec Biopharma Limited announced Duke Clinical Research Unit, the early phase unit of the Duke Clinical Research Institute (DCRI), in Durham, North Carolina, as a site for its upcoming phase I/II first-in-man trial for TT-034 in Hepatitis C. TT-034 is being developed as a potential "one-shot-cure" for Hepatitis C (HCV).

Advances in Kidney Transplantation

Living donor kidney transplantation has become a viable alternative for many patients.