Relationship Between Obesity, Dental Health and Poverty?

A recent study involving the examination of 157 children between the ages of 2 to 17 in an urban homeless shelter found that as body mass index (BMI) increased with age, so does the incidence of dental caries.

Obese in the Exam Room: Patient Perception and Physician Challenges

A physician walks into an exam room where a longtime patient is waiting for his annual checkup. The physician glances at the computer screen and notes the digits: BMI=36.7. Does she do anything different from what she did last year?

Losing It

As America’s collective waistline continues to expand, bariatric surgery remains an often untapped resource.

In an Increasingly Obese Society, Bariatric Surgery Comes into Its Own

Patients are reading headlines such as, “Obesity Research Confirms Long-term Weight Loss Almost Impossible,” but what messages are they receiving from physicians and insurance companies?

for Weight Loss

Obesity is a major health problem worldwide, and it has reached epidemic proportion in Western society. Evidence that obesity is a major risk factor for many diseases and is associated with significant morbidity and mortality continues to accumulate.