Heart of the Matter

Worldwide, nothing kills more people than cardiovascular disease, which causes approximately one-third of all deaths. The statistics below tell part of that story.

Alzheimer’s, Antipsychotics and Pneumonia: A Balancing Act

Recent research finds that regardless of the drug selected, physicians should exercise caution when prescribing antipsychotics to Alzheimer’s patients.

Children Face High Exposure to Secondhand Smoke, CDC Says

Approximately 58 million Americans — including two out of every five children between the ages of 3 and 11 — continue to be exposed to secondhand smoke, according to a recent report from the CDC.

Research Suggests Path toward Fewer Influenza Deaths in Nursing Homes

A study by researchers in Rhode Island and Ohio provides new evidence that well-matched flu vaccinations can save the lives of thousands of elderly residents of nursing homes and prevent thousands more hospitalizations.

The WVU Heart Institute: Advanced Procedures for Cardiac Conditions

A radial approach to diagnostic and interventional angiography means safer procedures and faster recovery, while percutaneous aortic valve replacement offers hope to patients who are not candidates for traditional surgery.

Penn State Hershey 
Cancer Institute: Mounting an Aggressive Response 
to Lung Cancer

Challenged by the high mortality rate associated with lung cancer, Penn State Hershey Cancer Institute counters with an aggressive, multidisciplinary response that incorporates advanced, minimally invasive surgical (MIS) techniques, leading-edge research and a recognition that modern treatment of lung cancer can offer patients a justified sense of hope.

Innovative Surgery Gives Breath to Toddler With Tracheal Agenesis

Delivering a boon to the field of bioengineering and signal of hope to parents of children with congenital defects, surgeons at the Children’s Hospital of Illinois have performed the first pediatric transplantation of a stem cell-based, bioengineered trachea.