Texting: A Preferred Communication Method

A recent survey revealed 70% of people prefer to schedule appointments via text.

Prior Authorizations Are Becoming Increasingly Burdensome — and Dangerous — for Patients

More than 90% of physicians surveyed by the American Medical Association (AMA) say that prior authorization (PA) delays access to necessary care.

Taking the Misery out of the Waiting Room

“Waiting Room.” it is hard to deny that those words summon negative associations for a significant percentage — if not a majority — of patients in the United States.

From Maids to Tycoons: Direct Primary Care Expands Its Patient Base

Frustrated with insurance-based care, increasing numbers of physicians are turning to direct primary care to provide patients across the socioeconomic spectrum simpler, more personalized treatment.

The When and How of Texting Physician Candidates

While texts from recruiters to physician candidates can be appropriate, they call for heightened attention to grammar and etiquette.

Creating a Virtual Red Carpet for New Patients

Healthcare consumers use wide-ranging digital and other means to select their providers. Practice management experts offer strategies to attract patients and reduce appointment-related hassles.

Need for Charitable Care Remains High Despite ACA Coverage Expansion

When the Health Insurance Marketplace launched in 2014, millions of previously uninsured Americans gained coverage. But implementation of the ACA does not appear to have decreased the public’s reliance on free and charitable care.

Moving the Waiting Room to the Livıng Room

For many, the words “emergency room” conjure feelings of dread about never-ending waits, as well as images of coughing, contagious fellow patients. Online services such as InQuicker are seeking to help emergency care and urgent care facilities alter the perception — and the reality — of a visit to the ER.